Toddler found walking out of east El Paso daycare

Texas Department of Family and Protective Service said Child Care Licensing is investigating a matter where a toddler walked out of Aladdin Day Care alone.

A toddler was found walking outside of an east El Paso day care.

Now, the day care's leaders said they are taking more security measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Phyllis Chisum said she watched a child walk right out of Aladdin Daycare on Pebble Hills Boulevard near North Zaragoza Road.

But, when she noticed no adult was following behind him, she said she jumped into action.

"I noticed the child was still moving on and there was no one with him,” she said.

She said she was visiting a business next door to the Aladdin Daycare.

"As I got into my car and started to pull out ... I noticed a little, maybe 2- or 3-year-old child coming out of the door,” she said. “So, I waited to see if an adult was behind that child and I never saw ... the adult."

Chisum told KFOX14 that’s when she jumped into action.

"So, I put my car in park right where I was, in the middle of the parking lot, and jumped out and started running for my life,” she said.

She said the child was heading for danger.

“The child went right out the entrance and was in the middle, crossing over this middle line at the time I caught him,” she said.

KFOX14 went to Aladdin Daycare to ask them about the incident.

The director, Sandra Gutierrez, did not want to go on camera.

She said the child did not get into the street and was found near the sidewalk of the property.

She also said a day care employee was following closely behind the child.

Chisum told KFOX14 that she was able to walk right into the day care.

"I don't know why the door was unlocked, for me to come in that easy,” she said.

She said when she did, no one was in the office area.

Chisum said she called the El Paso Police Department to report the incident.

Gutierrez told KFOX14 there were at least four employees working at the time.

She said the day care has been handing out notes to parents as they pick up their children, notifying them about the incident. Gutierrez also said the center is working on additional safety measures.

The note states, “We will be installing a magnetic buzzer on the front door. All parents will need to be buzzed in.”

A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services said Aladdin Daycare did self-report the incident.

They also confirmed that Child Care Licensing is investigating the matter.

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