Thousands of Aggie fans celebrate historic NMSU bowl game win

Aggie fans came together in Las Cruces to honor the New Mexico State football team winning their first bowl game in 57 years.

NMSU Head Football Coach Doug Martin says he couldn’t have done without his family.

"You have to have a great family behind you especially being a Coach. It's a hard profession,” Martin said.

His wife Vicky Martin says this bowl game was her favorite.

"We've done this for 33 years together and its been a wonderful journey," said Sarah Martin.

Thousands of fans packed the plaza in Downtown Las Cruces.

"I was surprised this many people came out. I don't know how many but it was packed," said Aggie fan Aaron Roar.

Many fans say this win means everything to them

“There's a lot of pride to be a student here, especially when you see everyone walking around. It's like a family," said Aggie fan Hannah Combs.

Several city dignitaries attended the event including Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagishima

NMSU football players say their win wouldn't be possible without their fans.

“For the past 57 years weve been struggling, but all these fans coming out and it's great to see these people happy," said NMSU football player Connor Kramer.

Coach Martin says he hopes to see the support continue into next season.

“This is just the beginning. This is not the end of this story. We are all going to make his happen together,” Martin said.

Many fans attended the NMSU basketball game later in the day to witness the football team be recognized during halftime for their bowl game victory.

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