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First cannabis consumption lounge in the state of New Mexico, opens in Las Cruces

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This is a major win for cannabis lovers in the state of New Mexico.

Las Cruces' Sol Cannabis received the consumption license in the state of New Mexico.

Kwame Ponshock is one of the founders of Sol Cannabis and he believes this is a huge win for the cannabis scene in Las Cruces.

"This is really groundbreaking not only for us, but for the state of New Mexico, we’re putting cannabis on the map," Ponshock said.

Ponshock wanted to create a safe space for marijuana consumers.

"I wanted to have a refuge for people like myself and be able to utilize cannabis in a cannabis friendly zone with other cannabis users gives us a way to adapt and be more public," Ponshock said.

The law in the state of New Mexico require people to consume cannabis mostly in their homes.

So this lounge is the first to offer this type of experience for customers.

Alex McClesser said this was a dream come true for him as he is five years clean from drinking alcohol, and this gives him the opportunity to make friends.

"As an adult how do you do that [socialize] without getting drunk and reckless, but I’m not reckless when I smoke weed, so it’s kind of better," McClesser said.

Bria Sargent said this a different way to socialize other than going to a bar.

"They [cannabis consumers] feel isolated because alcohol is in everybody’s faces. Now we have something that is medicinal, it's herbal and comes from the earth and we get to actually do our thing," Sargent said.

For Ponshock he has a clear message for those who are against marijuana.

"Don't knock it until you try it ... we're coming to the end of prohibition and places like this are giving a home for all users and it's exciting for us to be able to spread the joy and love cannabis has brought us," Ponshock said.

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