City of El Paso plans to help bring more business to Sunland Park Mall

Sunland Park Mall

Some people say more needs to be done to get them to go to Sunland Park Mall.

There needs to be more options and major flagship stores, according to some people KFOX14 spoke with on Wednesday.

The City of El Paso told KFOX14 it plans to lend a helping hand to the mall.

"What we have done is we are in continuous conversations with the general manager of Sunland Park Mall and the owners,” Jessica Herrera, the director of economic development, said. “We are meeting with the ownership of Sunland Park Mall to make sure they understand that the city is interested in establishing a partnership with them so that we can re-evaluate opportunities for them."

Some of the ideas the city and the mall are working on may not seem like a typical mall.

"One of the things that we want to be mindful of is that we are seeing a lot of malls put in different concepts like food halls and entertainment anchors, and some of them are just office tenants,” Herrera said. “So they are kind of mixed use. They are no longer just retail."

But some El Pasoans feel both parties need to reach out to people about what the mall really needs.

“Getting out there and asking people what they actually want in the mall. Becausewhatever is being done isn’t working, obviously,” Sarah Payne said.

“I think having more outdoor developments and hosting, again those types of events will help,” Dianna Bananik said.

“We need a mall over here in the west side. Every time, we need to drive to the east to go to a mall that has everything we need,” Samuel Sadir said.

The city said it will be meeting with the Sunland Park Mall group at the International Conference of Shopping Centers in Las Vegas next week to iron out plans.

The general manager of Sunland Park Mall sent KFOX14 a statement regarding the partnership with the City of El Paso.

“Sunland Park Mall is a leading destination within the El Paso community with more than 100 local and national retail, dining and entertainment options, as well as events and activities offered to the community throughout the year,” Mary Castillo, the general manager, said. “We are working closely with the City of El Paso to bring exciting new retailers and businesses to the city. Specific to Sunland Park Mall, we are working with the City of El Paso and our other stakeholders to explore opportunities to bring a mix of unique tenants to the town center, which could include new retail, dining and entertainment options.”

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