Texas in federal court facing Latino voters, civil rights organization


Texas isrepresentative are expected to appear in federal court on Monday after seven Latino voters and a civil rights organization filed a voting rights lawsuit.

The lawsuit says that the state’s nearly 150-year-old system of electing judges to the two highest courts—Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals—muffles Latino voters and keeps them from electing their preferred candidate.

U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos will hear the case.

The Texas Tribune reports that those filing the lawsuit are expected to call up voting rights experts to try and prove that the current system creates racially polarized voting.

They say that Texas Latinos are regularly trumped by a white majority.

They’re also expected to point to the limited success of Latino candidates. They say no Latino has won election to either court without first being appointed toby the governor.

Lawyers with the Texas Attorney General’s office representing the state say Hispanic candidates lose because of party preference, not racial reasons.

They’re also expected to call up an expert witness to testify that in republicanRepublican primaries, Hispanic and non-Hispanic voters preferred the same candidate and that race does not seem to be determining factor in Democratic primaries.

The trial is expected to run for 6 days, but a ruling isn’t expected for another few week so it’s unlikely that a ruling would affect this year’s statewide judicial election.

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