Testimony continued for Antonio Lopez murder trial

Both sides rested Monday in the Antonio Lopez murder trial.

Lopez is accused of stomping an 11-month old foster baby to death in 2012.

In Lopez's first trial, which ended with a hung jury, the defense suggested that another foster child in Lopez's care at the time killed baby Jayla Beckley.

On Monday in the courtroom, a foster parent who took care of the same child before the girl moved in with Lopez took the stand.

The foster parent said she had issues with the girl being violent, and threatening other children in her home.

After a psychiatric evaluation, she asked for the girl to be removed from her home.

The girl was supposed to testify Monday, but her caretaker took her to lunch. The judge scolded the defense for not knowing she had left. The judge also criticized the defense throughout the trial for being unorganized, at one point saying they "changed their mind 85 times."

Eventually, the girl was called to the stand, but the defense decided not to have her testify.

Closing arguments begin Tuesday at 8 a.m. After that, the jury will begin deliberating.

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