Surveillance footage shows woman abandoning three dogs on an east El Paso street

Surveillance footage shows woman abandoning three dogs on an east El Paso street.

El Paso pet owners are outraged after surveillance footage shows a woman dumping three dogs in the middle of the road.

The footage surfaced on pet groups on social media over the weekend.

Now, animal lovers are trying to track down the woman responsible for dumping the three chihuahuas.

Mary Warner recently re-homed her two chihuahuas, Abby and Cinnamon.

She was not able to take them with her when she moved from a house to an apartment.

After posting an ad on Facebook, she thought she found the perfect home for them.

“We found a lady who called me up and said, ‘Oh, I just love them and I want them!’” Warner said.

But things took a turn early Sunday morning.

“About 1:00 a.m. I get a text from my neighbor saying, ‘Your dogs got dumped,’” Warner said.

East El Paso resident John Martinez happened to be in his yard on Saturday morning when he noticed a gray Nissan Versa pull up across the street.

He told KFOX14 he witnessed the woman get out of the car and open the trunk.

She proceeded to take Abby, Cinnamon and another small dog out of the car, then she drove away.

Once she drove off, he took the dogs in.

His home surveillance system recorded it all.

“We ended up using the power of social media to find who the owners were,” Martinez said.

Through the Lost & Found Pets of El Paso Facebook page, enraged animal lovers did some digging and were able to track down Warner’s original post about re-homing the dogs.

Additionally, they were able to find foster care for the dogs.

Warner told KFOX14 she was crushed when she found out what happened to her dogs. She said it wasn’t an easy decision to give them up, and this just made it worse.

“I was irate. I cried. I had my granddaughters with me and they started crying. It was real emotional,” she said.

Warner said she has tried reaching out to the woman who adopted them from her, but she blocked her number once the surveillance footage surfaced online.

She said she plans on getting justice from police or animal services.

“You see a woman like this, who seemed to be a really nice lady, and she goes out and does something this low. It just appalls me, and if we don't have the laws in order now, I hope they do eventually, because they need to be brought to justice,” Warner said.

Martinez, as well as the online pet owners who helped save the dogs, say they want people to know one thing:

“(Pets are) not toys. They’re animals. They’re pets. They’re supposed to be a companion, not a toy you give to a kid and when you can't take care of them (you abandon them).”

City animal ordinance states that it’s unlawful to abandon any animal within city limits.

The woman who took in the dogs as fosters, Christina Romero, told KFOX14 she bonded with the three dogs right away and has decided to keep them.

She said Warner and her granddaughters went to visit them on Sunday evening and that it was a very emotional reunion.

She said they are welcome to visit Abby and Cinnamon anytime.

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