Surveillance footage shows teens attempting to rob Pic Quik at gunpoint in Las Cruces

A Pic Quik in Las Cruces was robbed at gunpoint on Jan. 28, but it was halted when a Border Patrol agent went inside to make a purchase.

It happened at Pic Quik on Picacho Avenue in Las Cruces.

That is where the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office said two teens decided to rob the store at gunpoint.

The arrest report states Alyssa Chavez admitted to robbing the store on impulse.

According to Sheriff’s Office, she stated she did it because she was on new medication.

According to the arrest report, Chavez told Andrew about her plan and he agreed to go with her.

Investigators said they would have gotten away with it if not for a Border Patrol agent going inside before his shift for a cup of coffee.

In the store's surveillance footage you can see Andrew walking into the store as if looking for candy but then makes a phone call.

While Andrew is making the purchase, Alyssa Chavez walks into the store dressed in black with sunglasses and a beanie.

You can see Alyssa Chavez throw a bag at the clerk making demands while pointing a gun at him.

That’s when the Border Patrol agent arrives and notices the store was being robbed.

He quickly pulled out his weapon and ordered for Chavez to drop her gun and get on the ground.

As the agent waits for backup, Chavez tries to make an escape through the front glass doors.

When Chavez gets up you can see a knife fall out of her waistband

The agent then pinned Chavez to the ground.

In the video, the clerk tells the agent Chavez isn’t alone.

That’s when Andrew walks in and is arrested.

Last week Judge Douglas Driggers granted a motion filed by the district’s attorneys office to have Chavez held in jail without bond until her trial.

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