Sun City not living up to its name Friday; rain showers all day

    Sun City not living up to its name Friday with rain showers all day<p>{/p}

    Rain showers have been sticking in the Borderland for most of the day on Friday.

    Friday marked the one year anniversary of snow in the Borderland, and though the area isn’t going to see any snow, a lot of El Pasoans said they’re happy with the rain.

    “I enjoy staying at home, enjoying this weather,” El Paso resident Carlos Barra said.

    There has already been some slight backup on the roads because of the rain.

    Puddles are forming and roads are becoming slick. Roadway signs along the highway are warning drivers to be aware of the slippery roads and to drive extra safe in these conditions.

    Eliazar Hernandez told KFOX14 the roads always turn hectic when it rains in the Borderland. “That’s why I take precautions on driving slower and looking out because people are crazy driving out here,” said Hernandez.

    Even though snow is not expected, higher elevations are experiencing some snowfall and some El Pasoans said they are going to advantage of that.

    “The weather will actually kind of make my weekend plans. I’m going to drive up north and go skiing,” Las Cruces resident Aaron Hollister said.

    Remember if you are planning to head outdoors, make sure you are layering up and have a rain coat and umbrella with you.

    The showers will be continuing through Friday night and into the early Saturday morning.

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