Students at Brightwood College react to announcement of school's closure

Students at Brightwood College react to announcement of school's closure

Friday will be the last day of classes at Brightwood colleges across the country, including the location here in the Borderland. This stems from losing accreditation and funding.

Some students told KFOX14 they weren't able to finish classes they were enrolled in this semester. Others, took their finals Thursday. There's not exactly a simple answer for what comes next.

El Paso’s Brightwood College is one of 26 campuses across the country closing.

"That's crazy, that's horrible, you know the fact that it's happening,” said Brightwood College recent graduate, Christina Canfield.

These are common thoughts going through the Brightwood community's head. Students said they got an email Wednesday morning from the CEO and president, giving just a couple of days’ notice of the closing.

“Brightwood to me, it means a lot because it helped me get through education and all of that. They're very helpful,” said Canfield.

Canfield said she planned on going back to Brightwood to get another degree.

"They're so willing to help you, whether it be tutoring -- anything," said Canfield.

Brightwood college president here in El Paso didn't want to go on camera but told KFOX14 they're partnering with other local colleges like Vista College, and PIMA Medical Institute to help students finish classes they were enrolled in, that they won't get to finish this semester at Brightwood.

It's unclear right now if those who don't want to take this route will be reimbursed.

"Think about what your next move is, how are you going to get the education, where are you going to go, find out all of this before you make a decision,” said Canfield. “Hopefully just go through them to figure out answers."

Canfield said she's confident the staff will do all they can to help students reach what's next.

"Brightwood is an amazing college, and it just hurts me that it's closing," said Canfield.

Brightwood said it will still have a couple of staff members on campus through next week to help students.

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