Stop the Bleed program focuses on first-aid techniques that could help during tragedies

Stop the Bleed program trains people for emergency situations. (KFOX14/CBS4)

Following the deadly Las Vegas shooting, the Border Regional Advisory Committee is doing its part to educate the public on some lifesaving first-aid techniques that could come in handy in a mass shooting.

The Border RAC started its Stop the Bleed training last year.

It has training sessions for the public every quarter.

At the session, you can learn how to apply a tourniquet and pack a wound, which could mean the difference between life and death for victims in situations such as the Las Vegas shooting.

In light of this weekend's tragedy in Las Vegas, the committee is expecting a large turnout at its event on Saturday.

"The idea is to increase the chances of surviving a severe bleeding wound before first responders arrive on the scene," said hospital preparedness program specialist Bryan Olson.

That is exactly what the Stop the Bleed program is intended to do. The Border RAC said the shootings in Las Vegas highlight the importance of teaching bystanders lifesaving techniques.

This is especially important when emergency help is scarce.

"It gives the victim a greater chance of survival if a civilian bystander simply applies these techniques to the severe wound," Olson said.

Veronica Dominguez is an instructor at the El Paso Community College Rio Grande Campus. She, along with other faculty members, did the training a few months back.

"At least here on this campus, there is at least 20 of us that have gone through the training and we know what to do in case of a severe bleeding episode," she said.

Olson said there seems to be more interest in trainings such as these after tragedies occur.

"It is important, knowing what to do in case of an emergency, when something is happening, when everybody is panicking around you. And knowing you can provide a little bit of help to at least one person will make a difference," Dominguez said.

The next Stop the Bleed event is on Saturday and it is free to the public.

To register click here.

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