Still no permanent solution to Coker Road flooding

The city of Socorro held a meeting to go over possible plans to prevent this type of flooding on Coker Road. (Credit: KFOX14/CBS)

The new Socorro City Council members, sworn in just earlier this week, discussed the future of Coker Road in executive session Thursday night.

Those on Coker Road have seen flooding in their neighborhood for more than 10 years.

And while they've waited for an answer for years from their elected officials, they won't be getting one tonight.

The mayor pro tem said with so many new members on the council there won't be enough time to speed them up on the issue.

We've spoken to residents before who said that their crops and homes have been ruined by the floods.

One neighbor at the meeting said that his home had 3 feet of water in it during this monsoon season's storms.

With no expected decision to come out from Thursday's meeting it leaves residents in a dangerous situation.

"First and foremost we're not out of monsoon season yet. In the past we've seen the neighborhood get flooded into late September. So the fear of the residents is that that's going to happen again. And that's when everybody can take a sigh of relief," Rick Avalos.

The mayor pro tem tells us that they have supplied the residents with sandbags and used other methods to help safeguard them should it rain again.

For now, there's no permanent solution being handed down by the council to help residents rest easy.

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