36-year-old man arrested for stabbing another man in central El Paso, police say

    Cornell Woods

    Police arrested a man for stabbing another man in central El Paso on Saturday afternoon.

    The stabbing happened at the 3800 block of Lincoln Avenue.

    Police arrested 36-year-old Cornell Lamar Woods.

    Investigators said 37-year-old Remos Antwyn Lovett went to visit his ex-girlfriend at her apartment complex who was currently dating Woods.

    Woods allegedly told Lovett to leave.

    Police said Woods went outside and stabbed Lovett as he was walking away.

    Lovett was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

    "It's not a bad neighborhood, all in all,” Gary Bennett, a neighbor, said.

    But, Bennett says sometimes, bad things do happen in the neighborhood.

    "There is a lot of violence that happens up the hill there,” Bennett said.

    One subject has been detained, according to El Paso police.

    Fernando Ponce said this latest stabbing is concerning but, not surprising.

    "They killed two guys around here, too, and I got scared,” Ponce said.

    “I said, 'Oh, damn. It's hard to be living here. I'll live here for a year and move,.' That's about it."

    Lincoln Avenue is also the same street where a triple homicide happened in September. Bennett said these types of situations shouldn't make people scared of their own neighborhood.

    "Not exactly shocked, you know, and everything. But, yes, maybe a little bit,” Bennett said. “Things happen and then you get over it, you know, you go on."

    Woods was booked under a $100,000 bond and is being charged with aggravated assault.

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