Square Dance neighborhood finally set to get new wastewater system installed after delays

There about 250 people in the Square Dance neighborhood, including homeowners and even some businesses. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

Some major changes are coming to people living in the Square Dance neighborhood in Montana Vista.

Construction is about to begin on a new wastewater system.

There about 250 people in the area, including homeowners and even some businesses.

For years they've had to deal with a septic system but that'll soon change with the new wastewater system, which has been several years in the making.

It was originally supposed to break ground in 2016 but was delayed.

County Commissioner Carlos Leon has been meeting with people from the neighborhood since the beginning of 2015 to discuss this project.

The $8.5 million project is mostly being funded by a USDA grant.

The county is covering the remaining $1 million of the cost.

Through the grant, homeowners won't have to pay an additional fee to connect to the main line.

People in the area will also be getting trash pickup services through these changes.

For some businesses in the area, finally getting these services will make life a whole lot easier.

"I would have access to an actual trash can out in front without having to haul [trash from my rescue] in my truck every day to take home. Things will be easier to be kept clean," said Veronica Chavez, who owns Treasured Hearts and Barks dog rescue.

Crews are going to break ground on the wastewater system either by the end of the August or early September.

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