Spreading holiday cheer at the Tornillo shelter


    Local lawmakers are making sure children in the Tornillo shelter aren't forgotten this holiday season.

    Senator Jose Rodriguez has organized a drive for the unaccompanied immigrant children that are still held at the temporary shelter.

    The state senator was asking specifically for soccer balls for the more than 2,000 teens in federal custody here in the borderland.

    Rodriguez's office said they have collected 2,400 balls. They said they would leave the office open through the evening and close it in the morning.

    They also said they need volunteers on Wednesday to help pump and bag the bags. If you're interested in volunteering you can contact the district office at 915-351-3500.

    You can order gifts online and have them shipped directly to the senator's office or you can drop them off yourself to the office.

    For Senator Rodriguez's address or for a look at the pre-selected wish list, click here.

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