Sparks community made safer with addition of new sidewalks

Sidewalks in Sparks (KFOX14)

The streets in Sparks are a little safer for residents, now that the county has finished installing sidewalks on some of its main roads.

Although not all streets have sidewalks yet, residents tell KFOX14 it's a step in the right direction.

The county worked with the Texas Department of Transportation to install sidewalks on Peyton Road, Nonap Road and Bret Harte Drive.

Before this, residents had to walk on dirt next to the street.

It was a safety concern for people such as joggers or children walking to and from school.

Now that this project is complete, the county has identified other areas in major need of sidewalks.

This includes areas such as Square Dance Road in Montana Vista and Mark Twain Avenue in Sparks.

People in the community tell KFOX14 the new sidewalks have already made a difference in the safety of the community.

"Now that they're adding sidewalks over there, I feel safer, and I don't feel like I have to look to the road to see if anyone is coming. It just makes me feel better," said Marcos Limon.

The cost estimate for the completion of the rest of the sidewalk projects is nearly $4.5 million.

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