Some pet owners want groomers trained in pet CPR and first aid

Some pet owners want groomers trained in pet CPR and first aid (Credit: KFOX14)

A lifesaving skill could soon be a requirement for pet grooming businesses in El Paso.

Some people are calling for dog groomers to know pet CPR.

The City of El Paso is working on a new pet grooming ordinance.

Pet CPR came up at a brainstorming session.

"If anything were to happen, I would want those professionals to have excellent training there,” said pet owner Noah Whited.

As the city works to craft a new ordinance for pet groomers, a recommendation was made to require groomers to know how to administer pet first aid and CPR.

"Some of the pet owners and some of the grooming businesses, actually, recommended that the staff - groomers be trained in pet CPR and first aid,” said animal welfare advocate Charlie Moreno. "I'm hoping pet first aid and pet CPR is going to be part of the curriculum."

But KFOX14 learned it may not be readily available.

We called several companies that offer regular CPR classes and found there’s a limited number of instructors in the Borderland.

"It's pretty much - almost the same as with humans,” said the lead instructor for Allied Health Center, Michael Gonzales.

He said AHC offers a course in pet first aid and CPR.

"They can have seizures, allergic reactions,” he said. “They can go into respiratory distress, skin rashes, bites, cuts, all of that stuff."

Gonzales said the course is about an hour and a half.

"This course will actually help you stabilize the pet, before you have to take them to the veterinarian,” he said.

It’s a course some pet owners told KFOX14 they’d be interested in taking themselves, as well.

"I literally treat them as part of my family and I want what's best for them,” said pet owner Annie Wang.

Right now, the city is gathering input from the community to determine what the ordinance will entail.

The next community meetings are:

• Saturday, July 14, from 10 a.m. to noon at Leona Ford Washington Rec Center, 3400 E. Missouri Ave.

• Monday, July 30, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Galatzan Rec Center, 650 Wallenberg Drive.

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