Some out-of-towners upset with I-10 closure, others pleased


    KFOX-14 spoke with several people traveling from other coasts about how they feel about the closure of Interstate 10 between Executive Center and Sunland Park.

    The closure of all lanes is happening between 3 a.m. Sunday until 5 a.m. Monday while crews demolish the Bridge to Nowhere as part of the GO-10 project.

    “We’re not impressed with El Paso, Texas,” Robin Lefler said.

    Lefler is traveling to Tennessee from Southern California.

    “We’re angry. You don't want to know my real words,” she said. “We were on Interstate 10 and there was no notice that the freeway was closing until about less than a mile.”

    Gus Pappas is traveling from Los Angeles to Houston.

    “We’re been good for about 24 hours then we hit this,” Pappas said.

    Cars and semitrucks packed Mesa Street. Two stalled semis blocked part of Sunland Park as did several small crashes on Mesa.

    “Seeing what's happening here is fantastic," said Michael Fooladi who lives in north Florida but grew up in El Paso.

    "I think all the new road and infrastructure projects are key for the growth,” he said. “These little sacrifices here and there are good because it could be a lot worse if they didn’t do this project.”

    Fooladi’s brother who is from El Paso said he is used to the bumper to bumper traffic during closures. He said patience goes a long way when he’s traveling with kids.

    “A little bit more screaming but we just pick them up a happy meal and everything's great,” Mark Fooladi said.

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