Some El Pasoans want answers as gun control debate continues

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President Donald Trump looks like he is trying to prove he isn’t afraid of the National Rifle Association.

The president is bringing elected officials to the table to talk about gun control.

“It’s time to stop this nonsense,” he said during a school security meeting.

But a tweet from the executive director of the NRA says the president and vice president don’t want gun control.

Some El Pasoans want to know exactly where the commander-in-chief stands on the issue.

“It’s absolutely paramount we get a handle on this,” John Scanlon from west El Paso said.

Dani Von Rogue thinks he has an idea why gun laws are so hard to agree on.

“Controlling, that wouldn’t just mean the guns, it would mean controlling the people. So that’s why I think they’re going back and forth,” he said.

Jennifer Wright says President Trump isn’t making up his mind about how gun control should be handled but sees one group of people coming forward.

“I think we are starting to see the youth come out and start to speak,” Wright said.

Some students like J.J. Martinez, who goes to Montwood High School, wants the voices of the youth to be heard. He organized the “Enough” rally to do just that.

“It’s time we step up to our teachers and principals, to our superintendents and say, 'You know, we don’t feel safe and we want you all to do something about it,'” Martinez said.

President Trump keeps suggesting a solution.

“Out of your teaching population, you have 10 percent, 20 percent that are very gun-adept people,” President Trump said

Some don’t agree with this idea.

“There are much better ways to deal with the situation, like providing funding for armed school security guards,” Martinez said.

Wright, who worked in a school before, doesn’t think teachers should be armed.

“I was teacher. I think it’s a bad idea,” she said.

Scanlon feels that more guns just leads to more trouble.

“Just putting a gun in anybody’s hand to use is going to perpetuate the situation,” Scanlon said.

The El Paso, Ysleta and Socorro independent school districts do not have policies that allow teachers to carry a gun. SISD did not allow the “Enough” rally to happen. A spokesperson said it would have been a disruption for students.

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