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Some El Pasoans react to county commissioner comment over police brutality

El Paso County Commissioner David Stout (credit: David Stout/Facebook)
El Paso County Commissioner David Stout (credit: David Stout/Facebook)
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El Paso County Commissioner David Stout made some bold statements about police brutality here in El Paso, that are still making waves over a week later.

El Paso hasn’t had any big police brutality cases like Breonna Taylor’s, or George Floyd’s.

But Stout said we still have serious systemic issues that need to be addressed within our law enforcement.

The recent controversy started with his social media post from September 15, 2020.

He wrote the following:

Many don't want problems elsewhere to influence what they say is our reality.

This is not a ‘concrete jungle,’ in El Paso,” a neighbor said. “We are a western, peaceable city.

“I don't know where the number 33 came from,” the neighbor said.

"The county commissioners should be making decisions based on data and results, not political pandering,” another neighbor said.

KFOX14 reached out to Stout.

We were told by one of his staff members that he was not available to speak on Wednesday. CBS4 asked about the 33 lives he referenced, and what stood out to him, showing brutality.

In a statement he directed KFOX 14 to a public data site with custodial death reports from Texas State Attorney General, Ken Paxton.

Stout said data shows 33 people have died in El Paso Police Department custody since Chief Allen has been in position.

He also said there are cases involving people who showed signs of mental illness. According to Stout, reports have a lack of information, which lead to unclear or questionable causes of death. Stout feels this should concern us all.

"Mr. Stout, if you want to see what we are concerned about here, we are concerned that we might see our crime rate skyrocket, as has happened in other cities moving to defund police,” another neighbor said.

There are several who question Stouts motives, denying any type of police brutality happens in El Paso.

Stout doesn't have the authority to get Chief Allen removed from office. City officials can remove Chief Allen from his position.

No one got back with us when we asked for comment.

KFOX14 has tried to sit down with Chief Gregg Allen several times in the past few months, and he has declined all interviews.

No one got back with us from the police department either.

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