Some customers decide to drop Spectrum after all-digital channel move requiring equipment

Spectrum in El Paso

Some El Pasoans are canceling their cable service after Spectrum forced them to buy new equipment. Spectrum says if you connect your TV directly to the cable outlet on the wall, you'll need a new Spectrum Digital Receiver. But if you have a Spectrum TV-enabled device like a Roku or XBOX One, those devices will work fine.

All afternoon Thursday, Spectrum customers walked in and out of the West Side location to cancel their services.

"That's why I'm here. Because I don't agree with it,” said West El Paso resident Alfred Hernandez.

"I know it's a new company, but you cannot do that to people,” said West El Paso resident Ernesto Ramirez Jr. "I don't understand why they're doing that. So a lot of people are changing now. We went back to DirecTV."

Spectrum says its new 100 percent all-digital network requires new digital equipment for all TVs beginning this week.

"They told me that I had to come and exchange it for a new one, for the correct one,” said West El Paso resident Rafael Ochoa.

Customers said they weren't happy with the switch.

"A little bit upset. Not much. We did everything by mail so we wouldn't have to come down. And now we have to come down," said Ochoa.

"They sent a letter that after the 20th, I think the TVs that don't have it, they're not going to work,” said Central El Paso resident Veronica Reza.

Spectrum says all customers need to get a new Spectrum Digital Receiver for each of their televisions.

"If you have cable in each room, you're gonna need one of those in each room. So that's another e$8 for each room,” Hernandez said.

Spectrum says some customers can get the box for free for one, two or five years. The company tells KFOX14 that otherwise, it's $7 each month per television in your home.

But El Pasoans say this adds to their already pricey bills.

"The bill was really high, and we're not getting anything,” Ramirez said.

"I used to pay like $100, now I'm paying $160. And for what? For the channels to keep repeating again?" Hernandez said.

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