Some are skeptical whether people will take online Eastside Masterplan survey

The East Side Master Plan will make over a portion of El Paso that includes both East El Paso and the Far East.

People in Far East El Paso will be able to tell what the city what they’d like to see included in the Eastside Masterplan.

"The Eastside is growing so much," Gloria Aguirre said.

On Friday, the city announced it would begin an online survey to get public insight from Far East Side residents on what it should be developing in that particular area.

"More like in the Pebble Hills area, so maybe another library out there for the kids to go. Just having parks, swimming areas for the kids to enjoy," Aguirre said.

The city is looking into creating new municipal facilities and improving major thoroughfares and infrastructure.

"The traffic is really bad," Luciano Guerrero said.

Some feel the roads should be a top priority for the Far East portion of the Masterplan.

“Definitely better roads. If you’ve ever come to the East Side, you know the Zaragoza and the Tierra area, early in the morning, by 7 a.m., it’s a mess. It takes me 20 minutes to get out of my neighborhood,” Robert Madrid said.

“We do need something out here on this East Side on the Far East Side, because we get congested right away. There’s a lot of accidents," Lorraine Burrola said.

The online survey will be open until Feb. 10. It can be found at

But there are some people who feel people won’t take the time to speak their minds.

"They may because they may be interested and a lot of people want their piece or what they want to say,” Guerrero said. “But, there are a lot of people who be like, 'Ehh, whatever.'"

"I mean we're online but, we just want something more immediate and more fast and we're just doing social media or other things instead of taking our time to fill out a survey," Carmelo Morales said.

But, other's feel people will do it.

"Depending on how long it takes for the online survey, I'm pretty sure they'll do it if it doesn't take too long," Madrid said.

"People can be better informed as to what the city's planning and then people will have opinion as to what things will be better for them,” Jorge Sanchez said.

Some people felt more advertising might help push people to take the survey.

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