Socorro neighborhood under water, undriveable after weekend rain and floods

Socorro resident shovels mud out of his yard after rain and floods.

A Lower Valley neighborhood is still dealing with the aftermath of a powerful weekend storm.

The heavy rain on Saturday made the entrance to a Socorro neighborhood undriveable. Neighbors said that happens everytime it rains on their street.

The rushing water ruins their yards and it even killed one neighbor's goats Saturday night.

On Sunday, as they clean up the mess, they are hoping the city helps fix the problem before the next big rain.

Socorro resident Carlos Barcenas spent all day Sunday cleaning up the huge mess inside and outside of his home.

“I was at work when it happened, I tried to come back and the fire department wouldn't let me in, so I stayed with a friend,” Barcenas said.

But now, his home is still cluttered with mud and debris and he does not have anywhere to go.

"These couches have been here since the previous flood. I wish the city would do something about it,” Barcenas said.

Neighbors say the rain came fast and hit hard.

"Like a big tornado, except of water,” said 10-year-old Luis David Cordova.

Victoria Snowden and her family are evacuating their home for the second time in 48 hours. She said her family had to be rescued by the fire department Saturday, and she wanted to get out Sunday night before it rains again.

"It was just a little bit of rain and it wasn't two seconds, the rain came on and we had to take the kids out,” Snowden said. "It's a huge frustration in the way that every time it rains all of the water goes over there. The canal that's right there -- but it gets flooded. This time, the water couldn't run not even to the canal because it was completely flooded. The water just got stuck right there.

"Once we got the kids out we called the fire department so they can come and help us. My mom, she was stuck in the house with my dad and three of my brothers. They were stuck in here, I called them, they took them out. You can see the flooded area right there. We can't go and push through there with our cars. We have to always be walking. This time, not even here but also on our entrance, it's also flooded. Yesterday we couldn't even walk through there because we had the water up to waist. We pay taxes as a taxpayer. We need help!”

Snowden said nobody seems to know who is responsible for fixing the issue.

“What we are hoping next is to have someone at least to help us cleaning that part right there,” Snowden said. "We tried a lot of things trying to get the city to help us, or whoever. But they throw the ball to each other."

Snowden said if the rain continues to cause problems, she will have to move her family out of the home they have lived in since the 80s.

"We've been here for so long that we don't want to leave our house. But, we have to. It's a main priority to be safe, and this is not a safe place,” Snowden said.

The neighbors all said the flooding was not a problem in the 80s or 90s. They said it only starting happening in the early 2000s when new neighborhoods nearby were built.

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