Socorro High School down one AC unit after power outage

Socorro High School down one AC unit after power outage (Source: KFOX14)

It's the second week of school for Socorro High School and they're already down one air conditioning unit.

Socorro ISD said there was a power outage at the end of last week knocking out evaporative coolers inside the gym.

"Very hot, very humid. It's hard to stay in there for a long time because you start sweating and you just get hot in there,” said Christian Mendoza a sophomore at Socorro High School.

"You can't even breathe in there. It's like you have to go outside really fast because it's sweaty in there,” said Christian Hernandez a freshman at Socorro High School.

The district says P.E. classes weren't held in the gym on Thursday.

At a volleyball game on Monday sweaty fans filled the gym and started fanning themselves.

"It was hot that it was unsuitable to have the AC out, that it wasn't working, that it should be fixed,” said Mendoza.

"There was like a lot of people in there so it was like really claustrophobic I guess,” said Genaro Morales a sophomore at Socorro High School.

Mendoza left the game after five minutes.

The district says the rest of the school is operating, but with evaporative cooling not refrigerated air.

The district says part of the bond project is to get the school redesigned with central refrigerated air.

The district said three out of four units are now running in the gym.

The parts for the fourth unit will be in early next week and repairs will be done then.

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