Socorro City Council to vote on plans for new roadway to connect to I-10

Traffic in Socorro.jpg

There could be some much-needed traffic relief coming to Socorro.

City Council and the mayor are set to vote on constructing a new arterial road that would connect to the Interstate.

According to a city spokesperson, there only one north to south road that connects to I-10 in Socorro.

That road is Horizon Boulevard.

The spokesperson said the heavily used road becomes flooded with traffic and has been something the city has been trying to fix.

The city had applied for the roadway via the Metropolitan Planning Organization and it was approved by the MPO.

The goal is also ease traffic from other drivers from Clint, Fabens, and San Elizario according to the spokesperson.

The plan is connect the arterial road to Bauman Road. Robert R. Rojas Elementary is located in Bauman.

Some drivers said the new roadway would help them get around Socorro a lot easier.

“It’s like any city," George Duarte said. "It grows and it grows.”

“It’s lot of traffic here. I think the wait time is maybe like 10 minutes at the light," Juan Silva said.

“It’s very beneficial as far as elevating all of the morning traffic, school traffic and for all of the people that use it for leisure," Anna Reyes said.

The city will still have to complete an environmental study before the construction crews begin their work.

Socorro will have to put up 20 percent of the project cost which accounts for a little more than $3.5 million.

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