Snow flurries fall in Las Cruces

It was a chilly Thursday in Mesilla and Las Cruces.

The temperatures in the high 30s were accompanied by snowflakes that started falling in some areas at around 1:00 p.m.

While some looked to escape into warmth, others rejoiced with the drop in temperature.

"I love it! For it being Las Cruces, usually it's bipolar weather, I think it kinda sets the mood we finally have winter here. It's been warm for far too long so I'm enjoying it,” said Olivia Seppi, who says the cold weather reminds her of her home in Maryland.

For others, the white, icy flurries officially mark the holidays.

“Changes it up quite a bit especially around this time of year, Christmas season. It kind of puts you in a more festive mood,” said Christopher Dulany, Las Cruces resident.

According to the KFOX-14 Severe Weather forecast, the weather is expected to continue in the high 30s in Las Cruces and Mesilla. Our meteorologists recommend you keep the four Ps in mind during the cold: people, pets, plants and pipes.

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