Several El Paso 7-Eleven gas stations out of gas

Out of gas sign at a 7-Eleven in El Paso

Several 7-Eleven gas stations across the Borderland are completely out of gas or have a limited supply.

Drivers said they are pulling up to the pumps and finding signs and yellow bags over the pump handles.

“It’s kind of unfortunate. I mean, you need to have some options,” said El Paso driver Tarif Khair.

“I went and all of the gas was empty, but they only had premium gas that was available,” said El Paso driver Manny Varela. “I was really low on gas and had to use my last quarts to get down the street.”

Some pumps had the yellow "out of service" bags over the handles, while others had signs posted that read, “Out of gas” or “Out of regular and plus.”

Drivers said it’s a hassle to find out you can’t gas up, when you really need to.

“If you’re pulling in, you’re thinking you're going to get gas. When you’re extremely -- whoa! -- and then, you have to pull right back out and try to get back into traffic and find the next available gas station, so when inconvenient,” said El Paso driver Mia Pursel.

Last year Alon, which supplies fuel to local 7-Elevens, was acquired by Delek US.

But we aren’t sure if that’s the reason behind the gas issue.

KFOX14 tried to contact Delek US, Alon and 7-Eleven.

We have not yet received any responses.

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