Santa Teresa Country Club sold during Doña Ana County delinquency property tax auction

Santa Teresa Country Club

After many years of waiting for something to be done with the Santa Teresa Country Club, the wait could be over.

As of Wednesday, the County Club has a total of three owners who now control separate sections.

After more than 20 years, the Santa Teresa Country Club was finally sold Wednesday during the Doña Ana County delinquency property tax auction.

Now the question for many people is, what’s going to happen to the property?

Eric Rodriguez, the county treasurer, said portions of the country club were already purchased by Mesilla Bolson Properties LLC and Horizon Growth Properties LLC.

During Wednesday’s auction, the last two sections of the country club were sold.

“It’s been an eyesore for the community there in Santa Teresa; it’s hurt people's property values so we’re hoping that moving forward, things will start getting turned around,” Rodriguez said.

Combined, there was $418,000 in property taxes owed for the two sections sold Wednesday.

Those sections of the Country Club were sold for a total of $192,000 to the former owner's sister, Yvonne Collins.

“I’m hopeful that moving forward they start renovating this property,” Rodriguez said.

KFOX14 spoke with Orlando Cervantes, whose backyard faces the Santa Teresa Country Club.

Cervantes said he wanted to live near the golf course but since it’s been deserted, he hopes the new owners will decide to restore it.

“My hopes is that it be revitalized and be brought to its best beauty. I hope she does a good job and I wish her the best but I think the community needs to be involved more,” Cervantes said.

We reached out to Yvonne Collins right after she bought the last two portions of the country club.

When asked what she planned to do with it, she responded, “no comment.”

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