Safety improvements underway near UTEP and Cincinnati Street

Safety improvements underway near UTEP and Cincinnati Street.

Major safety changes are coming to the UTEP and Cincinnati Street areas.

UTEP fans, foodies, and late night revelers will soon have access to better sidewalks, lighting and parking.

“It’s been really difficult. I mean, you try to come out and have a good time and it’s not what it needs to be because you’re confronted by parking issues, you're confronted with safety issues,” said El Paso resident Eric Mies.

The improvements will be on Cincinnati and Glory Road/Baltimore Streets between Oregon and Stanton and will include street rehabilitation, increased parking, sidewalk reconstruction and widening, traffic calming, and street lighting and landscaping.

“They're going to coordinate it with the streetcar construction. A lot of construction, but they tell us it’s all going to work,” said Kern Place Association board member Barbara Christopher.

Pedestrian safety has been a topic of concern in the area for a while now.

In the past there have been several deadly accidents involving pedestrians crossing Mesa Street.

“In terms of pedestrian access and transportability just being pedestrian friendly, I think this town could definitely improve upon that,” said El Paso resident Alejandro Arrunada.

People in the area tell KFOX14 there will be more peace of mind once the improvements are made.

“There are UTEP games and its football season and everybody's walking across the street you know it’s nice to know that there's somewhere to walk and there’s safety and that all these things have been taken care of,” Mies said.

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