Roundabout construction at Edgemere-Rich Beem intersection to start in several weeks

Rich Beem roundabout

Construction on the Edgemere and Rich Beem roundabout is approaching and we are getting a better idea of what it’ll look like once it’s completed.

It’ll be a four-way roundabout designed to ease traffic flow.

The intersection currently experiences extreme congestion, which gets worse when school lets out and during rush hour.

This project has been in the works for quite some time now.

A traffic study showed there was a big need for it because of the extreme congestion.

“We already do have a lot of traffic we’ve got the school right here and we’ve got another school. So it’s a high traffic area,” Far East El Paso resident Cindy Apodaca said.

The fast-growing Far East side of El Paso brought in more people than expected, causing the traffic.

The city determined a roundabout would help traffic flow better.

Some people in the area said they’re skeptical about its effectiveness.

“I do witness a lot of congestion and a lot of just confusion in the roundabouts often so I’m not a big fan,” Apodaca said.

But an extensive traffic study showed it would keep vehicles moving more smoothly and lessen the chance of accidents — as opposed to traffic lights, which it found would pose a greater risk of high-impact accidents.

Some community members told KFOX14 the project is long overdue and should have been done as the area was first being developed.

In the future, resident Valentin Carrillo said he hopes to see more long-term planning to avoid dangerous intersections before they turn that way.

“We need to think like before, where we’d plan 10, 15 years ahead as we were building houses and moving people in,” he said.

Traffic control for the upcoming project is set to start in early January.

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