William Beaumont Medical Center gets extra nurses due to flu epidemic

Nurse station at William Beaumont Army Medical Center.

William Beaumont Army Medical Center is experiencing an overflow of patients due to the flu epidemic.

Because of the high number of flu patients coming in, the William Beaumont Army Medical Center called in 15 nurses from around the country to help them.

Melanie Bowman oversees the emergency department at the hospital. She says nurses from across the country are helping with the surge in flu cases.

“Some of the nurses come from Fort Hood, Fort Carson, Fort Leavenworth. So, we are very happy to have the help and assistance because it's a huge help to us," said Bowman.

One of those nurses is Nicole Matthews from Colorado.

"I was like when do you want me to come and then I just came the following day later. I was super simple. I've been to Fort Bliss before," said Matthews.

The extra nurses are working in the after-hours clinic, patient floors and the emergency room.

Employees like Kari Pilolahill are helping in other parts of the hospital.

"So they brought me up from central appointments to help try get the flow through the ER,” said Pilolahill.

A task they say would be more difficult without the help of the extra nurses.

"I think it's a great thing and it gives them a different look at things here too and how things are running. They can also give us some inputs on how things have worked for them," said Pilolahill.

The extra nurses have the option to stay until March. But the nurses say they will stay for as long as they are needed.

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