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Residents of northeast El Paso fear flooding could once again impact their neighborhood

Water build-up near June Borders home (Credit: CBS4/KFOX14)
Water build-up near June Borders home (Credit: CBS4/KFOX14)
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The area of Laramie and Palomino in northeast El Paso always has dealt with flooding issues, but the problems have gotten worse in recent times.

Neighbors in the area are worried that the flash flood warning issued by the KFOX14 Warn Weather team will bring more damage to their homes.

June Borders lives in the area and told KFOX14 that last year the water made into her home.

"Last year I had three inches of water in my entire house. It pushed through my garage door and broke it, I had to replace it," said Borders.

Borders said what we saw just a few days ago was minor compared to what neighbors saw in 2021.

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Cars got stuck in the flooded neighborhood and had to be pushed out, Borders adds that she tried to make repairs but nothing stopped the water.

"I built this solid rock wall to try and keep the water out, but still, but when the water comes up to the sidewalk it pushes through my sliding gate," she said.

Borders had lived in the neighborhood for nearly 30 years, and says this was never an issue until about a year ago.

"This started last monsoon season, we used to have the width of the street, draining directly into the ditch. Then they built a bridge and they covered all of it and put us one three-foot pipe in the road," she said.

She has made several attempts to get answers from El Paso Water and the City of El Paso but has received no updates from the utility.

Borders is beginning to lose hope that anything will be done about the issue.

"I am getting a little hopeless. I wish I could move," Borders said.

KFOX14 reached out to El Paso Water about the issues but was told they could not discuss them due to litigation.

The City of El Pas says they're looking into the issue.

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