Residents in El Paso County suffer in triple-digit heat

Residents in El Paso County suffer in triple-digit heat. Credit: KFOX14

People living in unincorporated areas in El Paso County have fewer options to beat the heat.

Yolie Gaytan, who lives in Sparks, says she wishes she had places like rec centers, public pools and spray parks stay cool.

She takes care of her granddaughter during the day, but has trouble keeping her busy in the heat.

“It would be nice, everything that they do offer out in the city for the kids and the elderly, to offer that out here in the county too,” said Gaytan.

She said she had to place the swing set under shade and place a canopy over the driveway to help cope with the heat.

Gaytan said she worries for some of her neighbors who are older.

“Some of our neighbors don’t have refrigerated air and we can see them where it’s suffering. Some of them tell us that what they do is go to the rec centers in El Paso."

Temperatures are expected to cool down because of Tropical Storm Bud heading to Mexico.

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