People in East El Paso embraced the snow Thursday

People making snow angels.

Snow was falling in East El Paso until around 1 p.m. today.

Several people say the snow in Sun City is something they don’t see very often.

"When I looked at my Instagram and people were posting that it was snowing at their place and I was like oh, OK, that happens all the time, I’m so jealous. But then I started seeing that it was El Paso people and I was like, okay, what?" said Arthur Simental.

There was snow on cars, homes and trees.

"Sun City weather is very bipolar, so I am used to it," said Lisa Troche.

"It feels a lot more magical and you get more into the Christmas spirit," said Itzel Morales.

The folks I spoke to say they couldn’t believe the weather change in El Paso.

"It's actually pretty cool to wake up and see the snow sticking," said Troche.

"This morning it seemed very little more like rain. But when we got here and saw the actual snow and it's crazy," said Sergio Manrique. Second sentence doesn't make sense; double-check quote

No one knows how long the snow will last in El Paso, but they tell me they will enjoy it will they can.

"The snow in El Paso is very magical," Troche said.

"The snow in El Paso makes me happy," said Ashley Herrera.

"The snow in El Paso is very beautiful," said Ashlee Bornes.

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