Research shows high nurse turnover rate at nursing homes in Texas

    Research shows high nurse turnover rate at nursing homes in Texas (Source: KFOX14) <p>{/p}

    Research from the Texas Health Care Association shows a high turnover rate of nurses at nursing homes around the state of Texas.

    There is a 97 percent annual staff turnover rate of certified nurse aides at Texas nursing homes, according to the Texas Health Care Association. In El Paso, president and CEO of THCA Kevin Warren told KFOX14 it ranges from the mid-80s to 99 percent, with an average turnover rate of 94 percent.

    "You're talking about, on average, the entire staff, direct care staff, turning over at least once a year," Warren said.

    Warren said the high turnover rate can negatively affect care for patients.

    "You're going to have some facilities that are doing much better, but you still have the effect that has on ensuring there's that continuity of care," he said.

    Charles Uro's father lives in a nursing home in El Paso. He said those numbers are troubling to see.

    "The reason why that happens is because we have people that have a big heart that want to serve, but in the place they're serving, they're overwhelmed and they're constantly going from one room to the other," Uro said.

    Uro's concern, other than turnover, is a lack of nurses.

    "Sometimes they just have one CNA for one side of the nursing home," he said. "We have to pull on a cord for the light to come flashing for someone to tend to my dad and we're there waiting for a long time."

    According to research, there will be a shortage of all nurse types in Texas by 2030. In the west Texas region, there will be a shortage of 5,162 nurses, the research states.

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