Rep. Escobar asking President Trump to apologize to El Pasoans

Veronica Escobar (Source: CNN)

Rep. Veronica Escobar sent a letter to President Donald Trump on Thursday asking him to correct the record on his misleading State of the Union remarks about El Paso and to apologize to El Pasoans for misrepresenting their hometown.

“El Paso has never been one of the most ‘dangerous cities’ in the country, and our safety and security has long been a point of pride. These distortions about our vibrant community are harmful to our reputation and degrade our spirit,” Escobar said. “Yesterday, we learned that you intend to visit El Paso next week. I urge you to treat this visit as your opportunity not only to correct the record and ensure that the misinformation you stated on the national stage is retracted, but also an opportunity to apologize to El Pasoans for the disparagement of our community.”

Escobar invited Trump to tour the community and to hear from local stakeholders.

Escobar also stated in the letter that the only way to get a full understanding of the border would be for the president to: view the location where Felipe Alonzo Gomez, the 8-year-old Guatemalan child who died in U.S. custody, was apprehended; tour local ports of entry; meet with human rights and legal advocates who work with migrant populations; speak with asylum-seeking families, and, visit the El Paso Processing Center, where at least nine detainees on hunger strike are being force-fed.

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