Remaining people living in downtown arena footprint don't want to move

Remaining Duranguito residents don't want to move.

Even as the appeal of an Austin judge's final ruling begins, one of the two people left in the Union Plaza neighborhood said she’s there to stay.

“Don’t destruct. They need to leave us alone,” Morales said. “What do they want to do, destroy us?”

Antonia Morales is one of two people left living in the area that is set to be demolished to make way for the arena.

She said she isn’t going anywhere.

Judge Amy Clarke Meachum's final judgement stated the city of El Paso can build the downtown arena in downtown El Paso but, it cannot be a sports-based arena.

The judge also ruled no additional funding can be used to make the project suitable for sports.

Although, the city is appealing the ruling. It feels the ruling isn't clear enough whether sporting events are allowed at the arena at all.

Boards are covering most of the buildings in the Union Plaza neighborhood as most people have already moved out.

Hector Franco used to live in one of the boarded-up homes. Franco moved to a mobile home in the Lower Valley last week.

He said passing through his old neighborhood will be bittersweet.

“We’re still going to pass through there but not in the way we used to,” Franco said.

Franco likes his new home. He said he moved because he didn’t want to deal with all the issues surrounding the construction of the arena.

“What the city wants to burst is their problem. We’re not going to get into trouble with nobody anymore,” Franco said.

Morales said the other person left in the neighborhood has no intention to sell.

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