Recent El Paso rain causing roofing repair backup

Employees with Escalante Roofing inspecting house. (KFOX14)

The storms that pounded El Paso last week are long gone but some of the damage left behind could stick around for awhile.

Some people put off repairing their roofs until after a storm hits.

Those requests and previous ones all begin to pile up and there are only a so many roofers in town.

John Avila plans on flipping his house and selling it to a new owner in the next couple of months.

“Walking in this morning, yeah, there’s a couple of spots in the saggy ceiling. That’s not fun with new sheet rock,” Avila said.

Avila’s leaks could be a problem for awhile longer.

Christian Escalante with Escalante Roofing says there is a high demand for roofing repairs.

"Every single time rain or hail or anything like that hits, it kind of puts in a backlog relatively quickly. You go from everything being sunny and nice and, overnight, the demand kind of skyrockets,” Escalante said.

Those repairs can be avoided with proper planning. "If you purchase a brand-new car, you get a bumper to bumper warranty. That doesn't mean you're not going to change the oil, check on the fluids or rotate the tires. A roof is no different. It's oil-based products. And, you know, we get a lot of exposure to all of the elements,” said Escalante.

For those who can’t get a full repair right away, Escalante said his company does temporary fixes. "Whenever you have a waiting list that tends to spread out over a decent amount of time, we actually go and do a temporary repair. If it's a very specific leak, we'll go in there and seal it. If it's blown shingles, we can put a tarp over it."

Avila hopes to get his roof fixed quickly. "Ideally, we'd just like to get it replaced as soon as possible. But, we realize everyone is extremely busy right now and we're going to have to roll with whatever they can do,” Avila said.

One other company says Tuesday’s rain is keeping them busy with calls and that it could take up to two weeks to estimate how much it will cost to fix and repair damaged roofs.

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