Public invited to discuss makeover of I-10

TxDOT wants to makeover I-10 from the New Mexico and Texas state line to Tornillo.

TxDOT is inviting the public to share their ideas on the Reimagining I-10 project on Wednesday, which will be the final meeting of this series.

TxDOT wants to makeover I-10 from the New Mexico and Texas state line to Tornillo.

They say about 303,000 cars travel the highway each day and the average speed at 2 p.m. is 28 mph. That’s significantly lower than the speed limit of 75 mph, so TxDOT wants to improve the highway by the means of ramp consolidation, additional road capacity and technology.

The department has released four proposed plans, all of which include areas for pedestrians.

The first, pictured below, focuses on capacity. That includes widening the lanes.

The second alternative keeps the capacity concept, but increases the shoulder to 15 feet wide.

The third alternative includes three outer lanes and an inner restricted lane. In the photo below, you’ll see a SunMetro bus in that inner lane. TxDOT says a disadvantage of the project would be improper use of the restricted lane.

The fourth alternative keeps the restricted lanes, but keeps the two inner lanes separated by barriers. TxDOT says this could lead to an increase in crashes.

TxDOT separated the project into four segments: The Northern Gateway, Downtown, Airport, and Southern Gateway.

More information and videos from TxDOT on the Reimagining I-10 project can be found by clicking here.

Wednesday’s meeting will only focus on the fourth segment, which is the Southern Gateway segment.

The meeting will begin at 5 p.m. at Fabens High School’s gymnasium. There, TxDOT will present projected traffic concerns, present conceptual solutions and ask for public input.

The public is invited to provide an online comment on any portion of I-10 on by clicking here. Simply just click on the portion of I-10 that you would like to talk about and submit your idea to TxDOT.

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