Prize Patrol presents check to Las Cruces woman

Gloria Guzman of Las Cruces wins Publishers Clearing House

Like most people, I never realized these types of sweepstakes were real.

But I became a believer when I saw the Publishers Clearing House present a lifetime check to 83-year-old Gloria Guzman.

Thursday; the crew from Publisher’s Clearing House presented Gloria Guzman with a $10,000 check at her front door.

The retired woman was laughing and smiling when she walked out.

“I’d like to give you this check for $10,000. And because you’re a VIP member, you’ve earned a $10,000 a year check for life,” said Prize Patrol member Dave Sayer.

Guzman not only won $10,000 Thursday, but since she’s a VIP member with PCH, she also won $10,000 every year for life.

”You always want it because that’s why you enter it, because you figure, we'We’ll maybe,' but when it’s here, it’s amazing, unbelievable,” Guzman said.

The Publishers Clearing House is a multi-magazine subscription agency founded in 1965 that offers free online games and sweepstakes.

“I’m gonna spend it because at my age, I’m not gonna save it, that’s for sure. My kids are gonna have fun, I’m gonna have fun,” Guzman said.

Guzman said she’s entered into the sweepstakes every year since 1985.

“He (husband) says, ‘There you are on the computer again.’ 'Mike when that money comes in, you’re not gonna get a dime of it,' I told him,” Guzman said.

This isn’t the first time Guzman has hit it big, she said during a separate sweepstakes, she won a Ford Explorer.

“She always says, I'I’m gonna get it. I’m gonna hit it this year,' and when I saw it, it was a surprise, but not totally because of with her luck,” Mike Guzman said.

Neighbors couldn’t help but share their excitement with Gloria Guzman.

“She’s very kind, she’s a wonderful person. We’ve know her for more than 20 years, my wife knew her more than I, but she’s a wonderful person in all aspects, really. She deserves that and more,” neighbor Julio Rios said.

Guzman said she plans on spending some of her winnings on a new car.

More information on ways to enter to win

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