Private road in Far East is dangerous; county official hopes something will be done

Drivers in Far East El Paso continue to use a private road known as Jobe Road, despite a gate and a "no trespassing" sign.

Three people died in a fiery crash on Friday on a private road.

We’re learning that there isn’t too much El Paso County can do about it.

Though there is a “no trespassing” sign posted on the road, it doesn’t stop people from using the road every day.

Authorities call it Jobe Road, but County Commissioner Vince Perez told KFOX14 it doesn’t actually have a name.

"Yes, since they opened this road behind us, it's been crazy,” said Far East El Paso resident Luis Guardado.

Many people said the road is dangerous, especially since it curves, there’s no speed limit sign that we could find and it’s very dark.

"Maybe 100 vehicles a day, even semitrucks, so it's a very active road,” said Far East El Paso resident Chance Mooney. "Speed limits seem like they don't exist. Stop signs don't exist."

So it seems the gate and the sign posted to remind drivers it’s a private road aren’t keeping anyone away.

"The roads that this company has built on its property were never really intended to accommodate public access,” said Perez.

In the past few years, there have been several deadly crashes on Jobe Road.

"The roads that they've built don't conform nor are they required to conform to the same standards the county and state roads have to conform to,” said Perez.

He said that, in 2016, his office contacted Cemex, a company that previously owned the road, to see what could be done to prevent drivers from using it.

"So, I asked him, 'Is there anything more that the county can do at this point?'

He said, 'Well, there's two things.' I mean, one, we can continue to urge the company to give as much notice to the public as possible.

The second component is the county has been very diligent in trying to increase the infrastructure out in the Far East."

He said the county has spent tens of millions of dollars to make more roads accessible for drivers, so they won’t use roads such as Jobe Road.

The people we spoke with said they hope something is done soon.

"Probably more police at night,” said Guardado. "We're afraid that one of these days, they're going to get into our backyard, yeah, because it's crazy. They (drivers) run like crazy."

KFOX14 left messages with Cemex and another company, GCC, which may have acquired the land, to verify who owns the private road and to see if anything else will be done to keep people from using it.

We are waiting to hear back from both companies, who told us they’re looking into the issue.

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