Pond and park improvements coming to Thomas Manor Park

El Paso Water breaks ground on Thomas Manor pond and park improvements

It’s your tax dollars at work.

Some big improvements are coming to one Lower Valley neighborhood.

El Paso Water held a groundbreaking Thursday for the renovation of Thomas Manor pond.

But it’s more than just a stormwater project -- the utility is partnering with the city and the Ysleta Independent School District to fix the entire park.

Thomas Manor Park has been a fixture in the Lower Valley community for decades, but hasn’t gotten any major updates in a very long time.

“I bring my kids here all the time. This is where we play football and I’ve been coming here for years since I was a kid, too, so it’s kind of cool to see that it’s going to get even better,” said resident Nathan Thaden.

The existing stormwater pond will be moved to the far left corner of the park, creating more recreational space for the community.

It’ll be concrete lined and will hold more stormwater than it currently does. There will also be a new pump system installed, preventing stagnant water and mosquito breeding.

Residents can also expect to see new playground equipment, walking trails, fields and trees -- something that both the community as well as students from the future Thomas Manor Elementary School will be able to use.

“We are glad that we’re going to have something new, not for us but for the neighborhood because we’ll have a new school, a new park,” said Juan Mendoza, neighborhood association president.

El Paso Water spokeswoman Christina Montoya told CBS4 the utility tries to work with other entities as often as possible to maximize the number of improvements in communities.

“I guess in a nutshell, by partnering, collaborating, we’re able to make what once may have seemed unachievable achievable by pulling the funds and making it happen,” Montoya said.

People in the neighborhood said they are excited to see the changes.

“Soccer games are played here and I feel like with the new revamp of the park, it’ll just add a better benefit for families to come out and have more fun with their children,” said resident Samuel Venegas.

The new pond and park are expected to be ready for the public next winter.

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