Police officer in hotel shooting testifies in Tai Chan trial

Tai Chan sitting in the court room on the fifth day of the trial. He is accused of murdering his partner Jeremy Martin. (KFOX14/CBS4)

An audio recording transcript from the night Jeremy Martin was shot was played for the jury in the seventh day of testimony in a high-profile murder retrial.

Tai Chan, a former Santa Fe County Sheriff's Deputy, is accused of shooting and killing Martin inside a hotel room at the Hotel Encanto.

Chan can be heard saying he was scared for his life.

Jared Cosper was one of the officers who found Chan hiding in the hotel stairwell.

He testified when police found him, Chan kept yelling, "Sheriff's deputy, sheriff's deputy, sheriff's deputy, I have a gun."

On the recording, Chan kept repeating that he had been shot at, and that Martin had tried to kill him.

Cosper, the officer that arrested Chan, testified that Chan smelt of alcohol.

He told a jury that Chan was telling the officers he was law enforcement and that he was their brother and didn’t want them to get hurt.

When asked by the defense whether Chan told police they were in danger, Cosper replied,

"Correct. He said there was multiple people, there was danger, that people had guns."

Cosper told a jury that Chan was asked 10 times to put his hands up before complying with police.

Cosper testified that when Chan was sitting in his police car, Chan kept screaming, “there’s a bomb in the hotel.”

The defense argued Las Cruces police failed to submit the recording of Chan saying he shot Martin in self-defense when they testified before a grand jury.

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