Police investigating multiple car burglaries reported in northeast El Paso

Police investigating multiple car burglaries reported in northeast El Paso

A series of car break-ins have neighbors in one El Paso neighborhood upset and nervous.

One neighbor told KFOX14 he believes more than 30 break-ins happened Monday night.

Surveillance video caught by multiple neighbors in the Mesquite Hills area caught a car thief red-handed.

In the first video, a person appears to be casing out cars, to see which ones are unlocked. The next shows the thief actually rummaging through a car.

"All the compartments were open, papers were everywhere, he left a mess,” said car-theft victim Alonso Favela, one of many neighbors in the Mesquite Hills area whose car was broken into.

"He decided to take what was most valuable," said Favela, who also said his handgun was gone. “Yeah, it sucks."

KFOX14 talked to multiple neighbors who said the break-ins seemed to have happened all throughout the neighborhood.

"My next-door neighbor, my neighbor two houses down, my neighbor that's right over on Prairie Ridge,” said Mesquite Hills neighbor Jeralyn Barbie.

Barbie said the thief skipped her car, but is worried knowing crime is happening just under her nose.

"A lot of the neighbors have gotten into the cameras on the doorbells, the cameras that are actually shining on their cars," Barbie said.

El Paso police said multiple car burglaries have been reported from this neighborhood within the past couple of days—but not 30.

Police said if people don't file reports, they can't address the problem.

"You don't think you'll be a victim until it happens to you,” Favela said.

Neighbors keep each other in the loop through their community Facebook group, but are wondering if that's enough.

"When things like that keep happening, it makes you wonder what's going to happen,” Favela said.

Police told KFOX14 crime isn't up, and auto theft specifically is down seven percent in northeast El Paso.

Police also said most of the burglars were able to break in because people left their cars unlocked.

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