Police give tips on how to handle road rage drivers

Police give tips on how to handle road rage drivers (Source: KFOX14)

A pregnant woman says she was followed and assaulted after another driver became upset with her at a traffic light in Las Cruces.

Alexis, who did not want her full name to be used, says she was on her way to a job interview last Wednesday when she was assaulted by another woman.

She was turning left on Amador and Picacho Avenue and says she didn’t want to risk turning on a yellow light before it turned red.

“The woman behind me in the silver SUV started honking on her horn, and I can see in the mirror is she was obviously frustrated with me,” said Alexis.

Alexis says the woman followed her while driving erratically.

She says she was terrified because she’s pregnant. That’s why she pulled into a Western Heritage Bank, but the other driver blocked her in.

“I couldn’t go forward, I couldn’t go back, so I rolled down the window and I was waving her to leave, and she got out of her car, walked up pretty quickly and just punched me in the mouth,” said Alexis.

Police say if you’re being followed, call 911 right away while driving to a police station or a place where there’s a lot of people.

“You never know if it’s gonna be just a road rage incident, you know, someone yelling back at forth or someone driving aggressive, or you never know if they can have a gun in the car,” said Dan Trujillo spokesman for the Las Cruces Police Department.

Alexis did file a police report, but no arrests have been made.

She tells KFOX14 her mistake was rolling down the window.

Police say if you ever find yourself in that type of situation, try to get a good description of the driver and the make and model of the car.

Police add that you should never get out of the car or try to talk to the other driver.

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