Police arrest man accused of putting his girlfriend in a coma

According to police reports, Joe Azure has an extensive criminal background.

A man in Dona Ana County is accused of beating a woman and leaving her in a coma.

Wednesday, KFOX14 sat down with the woman’s father, Neal McCowan, who talked about his daughter's condition and why he believes it will effect her whole life.

Joe Azure was arrested in Albuquerque and is being transferred to the Dona Ana County Jail.

He is accused of beating his girlfriend so badly, that she suffered 27 facial fractures and went into a coma.

"You know there's brain trauma there, there's issues where she's gonna have to deal with the rest of her life,” Neal McCowan said.

Sheriff’s deputies said BettyJo McCowan was beaten up by her boyfriend, Joe Azure, on Aug. 27.

According to police reports, Azure has an extensive criminal background.

He was wanted on charges of battery and assault.

Now he’s also being accused of attempted murder.

"That's crazy to put up with that; If it happened the first time it's probably going to happen the second time, if it happens a second time you can bet your farm that it's going to happen again and again and again,” Neal McCowan said.

Neal McCowan is still coping with what happened to his daughter.

He showed us some photos from before the incident and some of her in the ICU, where she was bloodied and bruised.

Due to the graphic nature of her condition, we decided not to show them.

"I cried; It broke my heart; I mean he tried to kill her, I mean you can see my baby, he thought he had beat her to death; I honestly think, with all the surgeries and things she's had, she still don't even look like my baby,” Neal McCowan said.

Neal McCowan said his daughter was in a coma for a week.

He fears the long-term effects will remain with her for the rest of her life.

"The brain damage that's gonna come out of this is what scares me to death. I'm wondering how competent my baby is gonna be in the long term taking care of herself; Is she going to start having seizures?" Neal McCowan said.

According to police records, Azure is currently jailed without bond in Bernalillo County.

Betty Jo McCowan’s father said that she’s been released from the hospital and is currently recovering from her injuries.

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