People living near EPCC Transmountain Campus want to upgrade outdoor play area

Tennis courts at EPCC

People living near El Paso Community College's Transmountain location say the outdoor recreational area is falling apart.

Missing nets, cracked cement and ancient play stations are what people living nearby are complaining about.

El Paso Community College built this outdoor recreational area more than 40 years ago. But people living nearby say it's time for an upgrade.

Richard Webb is one of the deans at EPCC. He says the school has not been able to update the outdoor playing area because of other projects that take priority.

"Our main focus has been on the exterior as well as the lighting because our priority is to make sure it is safe for all," Webb said.

Webb says the college bought new equipment for its outdoor recreational area. But because of the old outdoor facility, the equipment sometimes doesn't link up.

"We have not forgotten about the exterior areas in trying to address each of the stations as well as the tennis courts."

All in all, Webb says with time, the outdoor area will improve. So, he pleads with the public to be patient.

"Stay tuned, we have a lot of big fantastic plans not only for this campus but other ones as well. We ask for the public’s continue patience and we appreciate how patient they have been so far."

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