People in Clint still in major need of assistance two weeks after storms, flooding

Homes damaged by floods in Clint .jpg

It's been about two weeks since flooding hit hard in Clint, but people living there say they're still in major need of assistance.

Elisabet Contreras lives on Fortuna Street in Clint.

An arroyo nearby filled up with so much water during the rains, it expanded and flowed into several properties, including her own.

This caused damage to her mobile home and furniture.

"Now we have mold up there [on the ceiling]... it's been very humid," she said.

Contreras said she is at a loss on what to do next. She told KFOX14 she needs a helping hand or donations.

"For me, it's very hard to carry out the furniture. It's very heavy ... it's time consuming and we need help. We need somebody to step up," she said.

We asked County Commissioner Vince Perez whether or not the county would be providing assistance to people in the area.

"Receiving donations or anything is not something we've considered because I know the Red Cross and Salvation Army have made themselves available to the people that were affected," Perez said.

Perez told KFOX14 that the county is looking for alternatives in providing assistance.

"During our last commissioners court, during executive session, we were looking at a variety of legal options that might help provide some remedies for areas that were immediately impacted in the areas that occurred," he said.

"The problem is money. That's the bottom line," said Veronica Escobar, county judge.

Escobar said the lack of funds is why the county can't do much else to help.

Finding a solution would entail possibly implementing a county stormwater district, which would involve collecting fees from county residents.

"It has to be countywide. It has to be voted on by the voters and it has to be proportioned towards each municipality," she said.

Contreras told KFOX14 she feels unsafe knowing the community is prone to flooding.

"All of us are getting together to see if the owners can come up and refund the us the money or give us the property for less price so we can pay less," she said.

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