Pebble Hills parents say school needs to do more to stop bullying

Students and parents come together to address the issue of bullying.

Students and parents from Pebble Hills High School say bullying is a bigger problem than people realize.

This comes after a student committed suicide last week.

Devin Kelley was found dead after his parents reported him missing, saying he left home with a gun.

It is believed that Kelley was a victim of bullying.

In a meeting Wednesday night, students and parents all agreed that bullying is a problem in all schools. A group was formed to try and tackle the issue of bullying.

All of Devin’s family was at the gathering but didn’t want to go on camera, but did say that bullying is to blame for the teenager’s death.

Student Taylor Beliveau says more has to be done.

“I feel like if we would have addressed this month ago, it would have been preventable. But the fact that nobody saw it, nobody knew the signs, nobody knew how to help Devin, that's what pushed him to the edge,” Believeau said.

Parents also took turns talking about their own experiences with their children and how schools can help.

"It's unfortunate when something like this brings the community together" Miguel Ramirez said.

Others came forward to say they have attempted suicide.

"I felt like I needed an outlet and I felt like nobody was there to listen," Lia Briones said.

Students said they watch the same presentation on bullying every year and it just isn’t effective.

“The idea that we have a period set aside for these types of issues needs to be used more effectively, more updated, more in tune with our students and their type of technology,” Believeau said.

Believeau said she has been bullied in the past and its time to turn the conversation around."We don't teach that in school. We don't teach that there's reasons why people behave the way that they do, and what we can do to get them back on the right track."

This was the first meeting for the newly formed group. It plans to meet again on Jan. 25.

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