Pebble Hills HS teacher had ongoing relationship with student for years, documents say

Gerardo Saucedo was booked into the county jail on a charge of having an improper relationship between an educator and student

A teacher at Pebble Hills High School is accused of having an ongoing relationship with one of his students for three years, according to court documents.

Gerardo Saucedo, 38, was arrested last week on suspicion of having an improper relationship with a student, police said.

According to court documents, Saucedo was caught kissing and touching the student in the backseat of his car just before midnight Nov. 13 behind an east El Paso business.

Patrol officers were conducting business checks when they saw two vehicles parked next to each other behind a closed business, court documents said.

The two were found in the back seat of Saucedo’s car, and the girl said they were kissing and touching each other sexually but were not having sex, court documents said.

The girl later admitted to having sex with Saucedo in the past, the documents said.

She told authorities that the two started kissing around her freshman year in 2014 about two times a week throughout the year, the documents said.

The two would talk regularly outside of school through text messages, the documents said.

The student said she and Saucedo would regularly meet behind the east El Paso business, the documents said.

The girl said the relationship became sexual in October, and authorities said they’ve recovered text messages that allude to an ongoing sexual relationship, the documents said.

On Nov. 15, the Socorro Independent School District released a statement saying that an employee at Pebble Hills High School who was accused of inappropriate conduct was placed on administrative leave.

Saucedo was released from jail last week after posting a $20,000 surety bond.

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